Tara Bray Smith

Tara Bray Smith was born and raised in Hawaii. She now lives in New York City and Dusseldorf, Germany. BETWIXT is her debut novel for young adults




An Interview with Tara Bray Smith


How did you first come up with the idea for Betwixt?


My favorite books when I was a kid took place not really in this world, and not in a total fantasy world, as in Harry Potter or the Lord of the Rings, but in a place that is somewhere in between — like Narnia or Oz. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe told the story of real children, transported to a magical place that was just on the other side of that strange closet. In Oz, Dorothy really lives in Kansas. I liked the idea of there being an alternate current that hums and crackles just at the edge of our visible world. Now I realize it is a metaphor for the sometimes confused and ill-at-ease way we feel in our (often humdrum) lives; but as a child I thought of it more realistically: if you enter that forest, you’ll go somewhere else. Somewhere exciting. I liked that. Perhaps immediately transported back in time, as was the case in a book by one of my favorite authors, Zilpha Keatley Snyder, who wrote about ESP, possessed cats named Worm, and in a book I remember vaguely, a holler somewhere in Appalachia, where children would immediately be taken to a Native American village of long ago. I can’t remember the plot exactly, but I remember the tone: eerie. Not scary exactly, but definitely strange. Witch of Blackbird Pond had that feeling too. So we have a place, a not-here not-there world somewhere in between, and the kinds of characters who would most easily move in and out of that world were changelings, another fascination of mine held over from childhood. Changelings were fairy creatures traded at birth with real children, with odd powers and a seeming lack of human empathy. So in one of these tales you’d have a friend who was sort of strange, had weird eyes and talked differently than your other friends and you could imagine she or he was a changeling. I thought this was an interesting character problem: what if you were one of these creatures? And how could the mythology be adapted to explore and understand some of the concerns of our contemporary world?



What inspired you to write the complex interwoven realities of the humans and the fey in the novel?


I started writing about a group of real kids in a place I like, Portland, Oregon, and realized that I couldn’t just replay old fairy mythology in a contemporary setting — that has been done so many times, and I am more drawn to stories that are somewhat far out: if you’ve read the Oz books, that’s what I mean. Tik-Tok? That was a weird character, straight from the particular imagination of Frank L. Baum. So as the story started getting more and more complex, and the reasons and realities of these kids began showing themselves independently from any standard “fairy tale” plot structures, the more I started plunging into the mysteries of what I actually wonder about. I grew up in a place where I was surrounded by the natural world: stars, ocean, forests, plants. I think about these things–what is out there? Are we it? What is body … what is mind? And I know I’ve been thinking of these things since I was a kid, so other kids must be thinking about them too.



Betwixt combines elements of suspense, fantasy, and romance. Did you begin the novel with all of these overlapping themes in mind, or did one element start out stronger than others?


I started the book with the premise that I was writing about a group of kids — friends, enemies, lovers — who “feel different.” It’s a classic adolescent and young adult trope, because you are different then: a creature neither adult nor child, with all the freedom of being older but with a different level of responsibility. It is a chilling, beautiful, important time, and it gets lumped in with this whole idea of being “a teenager,” which I always found to be a lifeless and enforced category. Alexander the Great died when he was in his twenties; most of human history, our romances and our tragedies, are about people who aren’t much older, and sometimes younger (as in the case of Romeo and Juliet) than the characters in this book. So Ondine, Morgan, Nix, and Moth were people who were trying to understand who they were, and what the world was, not a very different task than any person who is growing up. The difference is that they are on an edge: they are straddling worlds. So all the genres: fantasy, romance, suspense, come out of this teetering position — the place from which most drama springs.



The narrative jumps back and forth between several characters. Was it difficult to keep track of everything as you were writing, or did you always have a clear idea of the plot’s progression?


I decided to write from several limited third person points of view because this is a group tale: no one character dominates. Somehow I felt this was in keeping with the tone of the book; this is not a traditional hero’s journey, where one person stands in as Everyman. Betwixt is more the story of a group: each character has his or her own path, and those paths I hope delineate some of the various experiences young people have today. If I had a clear idea of the plot’s progression I would probably stop writing. How boring! I had an outline, but you also want to surprise yourself, as a writer. Ondine and Nix, Morgan, Moth, K.A. — I had characters, and some of the problems of the book I pulled in because I wanted to wrestle with a few of the structures of old-fashioned fairy tales and fay mythology. But their questions, and their quests, come from them, from people I know, from history, and imagination, and from me, all mixed together to create something new.



Did the developments of the plot/characters in Betwixt take you by surprise, or did you know where the story was going as soon as you started writing?


They most definitely took me by surprise. I knew I wanted some standard mythological structure to the book: so the names of the characters and some of the character arcs are based on fay lore. But as I wrote, and as the world started to unfold with its own complications and desires, the lineaments of the plot had to deepen and expand also. That’s where some of the science fiction elements of the story come in.



Why did you choose Portland as the setting? The story has such a strong sense of place that it seems you must know the city very well.


I lived in Portland fifteen years ago, when I first graduated from college. I was really in love with the city. I was young and curious and so my boyfriend at the time and I roamed a lot: hiking and driving and camping and walking. We were poor, we were “youths.” I took buses everywhere; I explored. The light in that place is very peculiar — almost green in the summer. It’s a beautiful place, the Pacific Northwest. Part of me wishes I could have stayed there; that’s probably why I revisited it in fiction.



You were born and raised in Hawaii and currently live in Germany. How did these experiences in different cultures/locations influence your writing?


The difference between where I was born and where I’ve lived since has been so acute that it provides an interesting problem for my writing. People immigrate all over the globe, as they’ve done in the past, but now it can be done at speeds that bring with them a sense of immediate displacement. On Friday this week, I woke up in Düsseldorf. On Saturday, I was in Honolulu. We take these kinds of movements for granted, but it does mess with your head, and tends to make physical reality seem somehow less solid, more “virtual,” to use an overused word. I’m exploring those emotions — of displacement, of location, of movement in and out — in Betwixt.



At the end of the novel it seems that there’s definitely room for the story to continue. Do you plan on writing a sequel?


Yes. The story has just started.


96 Responses

  1. when is the sequal coming? anytime soon? 🙂

  2. possibly next year… we’ll have to see!

  3. Thank goodness! I love your book; it’s spectacular. I am sad Nix is gone, though. He’s my favorite character. I wonder what’ll happen? I can’t wait to see!

  4. Will there be more romance in the next one? Nix was in love with Neve but it seemed like there could have been someting with Ondine. Morgan and Moth had a lust connection, and then Moth seemed kind of transfixed with Ondine so…?

  5. do you continue to keep all the characters alive or are you going to kill some more off, is Ondine going to be like their leader or something?

  6. I am very anxious to receive any word about the sequel. I was thouroughly pleased and intoxicated with the chatacters and would love to see a little more romance as well. This book is definitely ahead of the game, as a delightful cocktail of technology and fantasy.

  7. Is Ondine black?

  8. Just finished Betwixt today, I really liked it. The name Morgana le Fay? Genius. I thought that your book was so original, it really took me by surprise, a lot of books nowadays just seem to be… the same, and I liked the journey that Betwixt took me on, I really had no idea where it was going to go next! Looking forward to the sequel!

  9. Exactly when is the sequel to Betwixt coming out?

  10. Did you get the name “Morgana Le Fay” from myths of Camelot? It’s the name of a sorceress, and King Arthur’s aunt.

  11. The novel was simply amazing. I just got off the phone with my friend who is starting it. I’m sure she’ll love it. It’s so clever. I loved how everything tied together in one action-packed ordeal at the end. Brilliant. I cannot wait until the next book. You can be sure that I will be in line waiting at midnight at barnes and nobles for it. Do you plan on making more than just two?

  12. betwixt was really totally awesome. i loved the names, and everything in the book was just sooo original. it wasnt like a normal tale about fay and changelings. it was,like, surreal, and hauntingly beautiful. i finished last night, and was like ” whoa, i’ve got shivers and goosebumps” so, yea. totally awesome.

  13. I liked it

  14. Did you Name Neve , neve because she is naive see how both those words are similar and since neve gets herself into drugs do you believe she is naive?

  15. What is dust?

  16. Hi everybody!
    Maybe I missed something….and you have already answered to this question…

    Do you know when will be published the sequel of the novel Betwixt???? I loved it, and I really would like to read more and more!!!

    Ops…I’m italian…maybe the publication time is not the same…

  17. uhh, isnt dust like coke or tweak? uhh neways. i loved the book it was totally bomb, uhh whens the sequel?

  18. Im so confused- I thought the romance was between Nix and Ondine. I never got the vibe that he was in love with Neve I just felt she represented all those people he wasn’t able to save so that is why he keeps fighting so hard to keep her alive. I thought he also felt it was his falt she was doomed to die because once he saved her father the light jumped to her. I sure hope Im right because Neve annoys the crap out of me and I am gunning for Nix and Ondine to be together, they just click you know? They need to be back together. And in the end he called to her to help him – I think their bond and love is to strong for anything to get in their way.

  19. I just loved betwixt! I couldnt put it down! but there are some things i didnt quite understand. One was exactly what happened at the end of the tunnel fight thing? is neve pregnated with a changleing because of bleek? and how did ondine help save them? and why did it say that ondine woke up the day after the solstice when it was a couple days afterwards. i couldnt tell if some sort of time warp went on or not. i would like to have these answers especially the frist one. I still loved the book!

  20. hey i am from germany and i live near düsseldorf^^
    i am happy that a sequel is coming soon…
    my favourite character is ondine and i really want to know what will happen with her…
    hope is coming soon

    but sometimes i find the details are missing and i cant understand the story

  21. I just started Betwixt this morning, and I’m trying to picture all the characters, is Ondine African-American or just really tan?

  22. i really liked this book. The part when they tell the three what they really are and what they need to do is kinda confusing (the part when they are at the ‘party’). But i really liked reading this book. I was glad it was long because the story kept going on (=
    can’t wait till the next book comes out! whens the actual publish date?

  23. I stayed up till 4am last night finishing it; amazing. I really like your writting style; it’s so raw, and yet elegant; highly intriguing. I enjoyed how you get to see all the characters perspectives.
    Can’t wait for the sequel; not to rush you or anything, no pressure, but any idea on the release date?
    Again, Loved it!

  24. I picked up Betwixt quite a while ago and I read it and I remember feeling so captivated and slightly dazed. I just read it again, and I’ve realized how different it is from other books. I don’t know how to describe it, but it really takes you on a journey. When I found out you were writing a sequel, I was so, so happy. I got the end of Betwixt and thought “there has to be more!” It really is an amazing story and so full of originality (how cool are the names? Ondine and Nix Saint-Michael? makes me wish I had a more magical name) and the characters are so intriguing and yet relatable.
    Anyway, this is long and silly. I loved the book. I’m excited for the sequel. =D

  25. On page 330, right at the bottom, you mention Moth having the Thriller ringtone by Michael Jackson…LOL I just wanna know if you’re an MJ fan cuz I LOVE him more than anything…. So are you?

  26. i just finnished the book today and it was amazing!!!
    i can’t wait till the sequal
    when is it coming out>

  27. I thought the book was amazing. I finished it last night, and I just wanted to keep reading on to the next book ! I hope the sequel comes out soon. 🙂

  28. I really loved this book. It was intriguing and very good, it has a different writing style and different plot which I thought was cool. It’s like the book where you go ” I knew that was going to happen!” but keep reading anyway. The whole rave and tunnel parts kind of confused me though. I like how Ondine was black, and Nix was Indian(native american) it had a nice diversity. Ondine is my favourite charector, I love her violet eyes purple is my favorite color! I can’t wait till the sequel. But with Neve is she still pregnant or what?! I think Moth likes Ondine or maybe just what she is i don’t know but awesome book.

  29. is there a 2nd book?

  30. When is the sequel coming out?

  31. I personally really loved this book but didnt really appreciate the ending. I understand that there had to be a bit of a cliff hanger leaving me wanting more, but I didn’t really see or feel any sort of resolution for the time being. Was the romance between Nix and Ondine or Nix and Neve? I personally think and hope its Nix and Ondine just because they seemed to have a natural chemistry and charm together.

    Sequel? =)

  32. At the top Tara said there is a squeal coming out possibly in the next year, she wrote that in 2007. I really hope it comes out soon. I want more Betwixt!

  33. Thank god there’s gonna be another sequel I’ve been dying for one. The story seems unfinished. I hop Moth gets Morgan and Ondine gets Nix.

  34. uhmm it’s 2009. when’s it gonna come out???
    and what will it be called so i can be on the lookout for it. ;]

  35. Tara Bray Smith is a truly magnificent writer, and I am glad that she came up with the idea of Betwixt. Thanks!

  36. P.S
    I need a sequel!!!

  37. Bewixt is one of my favorite books now. I loved it! The book was amazing and had elements of romance, suspence, fantasy, even a hint of pschological games. I would recomend it to anyone and have. And you are an amazing writter!

  38. I did not exactly enjoy betwixt. I mean I did enjoy it, but i felt as though the author built up this big plot and at the end didn’t deliver, it sorta reminded me of the end of breaking dawn, and how meyer set up the big fight scene and nothing happened, Im not saying it wasn’t a good piece of writing, i just think the aurthor should have been more certain of the direction. I still think it’s worth reading and look forward o the sequel. : )

  39. i loved the book and i totaly need another one. and does anyone know when it’s comin out. did i say i loved it

  40. I loved betwixt, it was amazing! but i kinda felt like it left a lot of unanswered questions; like how did how did ondine help save them, i found that part confusing and some other parts were a little confusing at times too. But still, overall i really enjoyed it. I liked how it was so unperdictable. I cant wait for the next book 🙂

  41. Is Nix really gone?

  42. Whens the second one coming out?

  43. I just finished the book and I was surprised it was published in 2007. It was well written and a lot better than some other fantasy/sci-fi books out. Oh, and this book would totally be great as a movie. =] If a sequel is still coming out I can’t wait. =]

  44. WHERES LA SEQUEL??~~ I want and NEED more. Nix is alive and going to be with ondine. (I think and hope so any ways) BUT WHAT ABOUT NEVE???? is she progo with an eggo? puhlease post the release date!!!

  45. (oops I meant prego!! teehee)

  46. Hallelujah there is going to be a sequel i knew the thing between Nix and Ondine couldn’t end like that especially when we still don’t know all that much bout Ondine.!!!!!!!

  47. For those of you still living in a cave….the sequel to betwixt is……drumroll please…..”Broken” and it comes out in 2010!!!!huraaaaaaaaaaay

  48. hopefully the above post is true 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!
    and thanks to the person who wrote it !!!

  49. I can’t wait for the next book!!!!! Betwixt was so amazing I just loved it and it took me two days to read! I can’t waitttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yayyyyy!!!!!:)

  50. Honestly, I thought it was a well written novel.
    And it left me with many questions. Like for example I don’t think Nix is dead. In the epilouge it said that one guy was traveling north. That sounds like Nix…since he came from the north and all…And also I dont’ think that Nix was ‘in love’ with Neve. I think he felt guilty for passing on the white halo of light thing.
    Nix and Odine I think would make the perfect couple. But that is just my opinion.

  51. ok im not sure if this has been answered yet but i really want to know when the sequel comes out!!

    does anyone know because it seems like it was already supposed to…

  52. I just finshed the book and I loved it!!!

    Is there a second book coming out soon?

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  54. omg!!!!!!!!!! i loved that book it was the bomb.com!!!! i just really really want to know when the nxt bookis comin out!!! aghhhhhhh!!!!! i want to read it soooo bad

  55. also what is dust and is ondine african american? and are we going to see more of neve in the next book? because nix is my FAVORITE character and i really hope he ends up with ondine cause they really know more about each other then he and neve! what happens with moth and does he like ondine? why does nix not think that ondine will never have the golden ring around her? also what happens to morgan?…..like throughout the next book? but i still like nix and ondine the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. I knew there had to be one cuz i read the book a while ago (i actually picked it cuz it stood out in the shelf of other books… its sooo yellow, good plan though) whats the next book going to be called? and when are u releasing it? i love nix he’s my fave and i hope he’s with ondine… i really hope he didn’t die… i think neve is annoying as hell, she’s so needy and morgan… jesus… didn’t see that coming, but then again i guess i did. Anyway Pleeeeeaaaassse tell me something so i can quit wondering… that ending was driving me nuts!!! lol

  57. I really hope there is a sequel that redeems this book. I wasted 3 hours of my life on this book. The plot was there, it had the potential to be so good! but…then…it was so choppy, so lacking in real description and depth that I’m shocked I bothered to finish this book.
    Really, this book was a major disappointment. The relationships were random and unformed, the “final battle” was jumpy and random, with hardly any description whatsoever, so it really made no sense….and the dialogue! Can you please fix the dialogue? It was either painfully boring or filled with random bits of detail and fluff! This book could easily have been 200 pages long or less.

    I am severely disappointed.

  58. i just finnished betwixt and thoughht it was one of the best books ive ever read definitely better than the twilight saga and im anxious already for a sequal pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaase!!!!!

  59. I’m so happy you are going to make a sequel! I really enjoyed the first book and I would like to see what happens of Nix and Ondine! I also hope that their relationship blossoms!


  61. so…I love the book… and when is the sequel???last i hear you said it wa in a year… but that was in 2007, its 2009 now so… could you update that?? or maybe there already is one?

  62. i am so excited for the next book:)

  63. im rly rly excited abt readin the sequal, but wt would it be called???

  64. omg! i am in love, with the book nd moth and NIX!!! Tara B Smith you are awesome…can’t wait for sequel…bring nix back! 😦 please?…
    p.s. moth n morgan= some helluva fire 😉 nd i like nix with ondine but i guess we don’t always get what we prefer, that’s life, it’s quite the bitch really. 🙂 love BETWIXT!

  65. I just picked up this book as it was on sale for 5 dollars at Chapters.

    I am 30 yrs old; clearly outside the target demographic.

    I liked it – but was very disappointed by the “oops, what do I write next?” ending.

    I am a writer myself, and saw a lot of potential in this concept/story line. It’s a shame that it ended so abruptly.

    Clearly it extends the possibility of a sequel…yet, you have not responded to any of your readers on this site.

    Disappointing. Good luck, I will look for something further from you.

    At the very least, you should provide an update on your website, lest your readers lose interest. Just my humble opinion.

  66. I am in desperate need of the sequel to Betwixt. like at least by Apirl, I’m hoping? I can’t wait any longer, it’s killing me

  67. i just finished the book and found out there was a book called ”Broken” coming out in 2010… its 2010 WHERE’S THE BOOK!?!? 😦 😥 i am starting to seriously doubt there is a sequel…

  68. 1)OMGEE! i love this book so much!ITS AWSOME!
    2)but I’m dyeing for the next book…plz release it!
    3)lastly when the next book comes out im expecting ALOT out of it because u started it IN 2007 that was three years ago….

    but i love the book soooo =) i can wait…take ur time…=)

  69. Like another reader here I also got this book at Chapter for 5 bucks while it was on sale. Now that means nothing as even though it was cheap it was an amazing book and I absolutely loved it. However, I also am wondering when this mythical sequel will be coming out? I see 2010 here a couple times, but when? In any case, I hope it is soon.

  70. So I really loved the characters, their not you typical “bella/edward” type. Their real with drug problems and issues. But uhm the sequel called ‘broken’ right? wehn is it coming out?

  71. when is the next book coming…..i cant wait!!!!!!!

  72. If there is actually going to be a sequel I really hope that’ll be it for the series. If she keeps us waiting another three years for the next one then I’m done.

  73. I was almost insulted when a review of the book said that twilight fans would like betwixt. Honestly, this book has a solid interlocking plot and descriptive quality that could never compare with that of the twilight saga. It’s an amazing book and I can’t wait for the next one ;D

  74. When does the sequel come out???

  75. I would just like to point out that Betwixt, I think, is in no comparison to Twlight. Smith is so much more than Meyer could ever hope to be.

    As for the sequel, which I’m assuming there will be, I do hope it comes out soon! Good luck!

  76. Betwixt
    It is the tremendous book. We in Russia very much wait for continuation.
    With love and respect.

  77. Tara Bray Smith very beautiful woman and the person of the big talent.
    There can be it will read this my letter.
    For beauty of thanks of mother with the father (so speak at us in Russia), and we thank you that have shared with us your talent.
    Health and success, Tara Bray Smith!!!
    Anna – the musician=muzanna

  78. Betwixt is by far my favorite book. A million times better than Twilight. I love the mood of the book. Brilliant idea with the yellow cover. I am an artist and everything about this book is sooooo attractive. Very original.
    I’m super stocked for the sequel!!!!!!! I want to see Betwixt kick Twilight’s ass. Meyer has nothing on Smith. And a movie of it in the future would make bank.

    Lets all get a little blue X tattoo on the wrist 😉
    From Russia with love!

  79. stoked**

  80. It’b been 2 years since I’ve read this and I still adore it. I check to see when the sequel is coming out like every month, when is it???

    Please Tara I’m going insane here!!!

    -Máire (pronounced Moya) form Ireland. x

  81. I loved the book and cant wait to read more!
    when is the sequel comming out!?

  82. It’s been so long since I’ve read Betwixt…but I still find myself thinking about it! Please PLEASE tell me you’re writing a sequel, Tara! I love your writing! 🙂

  83. My heart is dying in anticipation! I read the book in 2008 and I’m still thinking about this book….Sad, right? Broken is going to fabulous I’m sure, and I know that I can wait:)

  84. This is honestly one of my all-time favorite books. I think that Smith did an amazing job of characterizing her cast in a way that was incredibly unique and realistic. I particularly loved Morgan, who was so insanely different and refreshing from the Bella’s and even Katniss’ out there.
    However, I think that the behavior Smith has shown her appreciative fans is appalling. I understand that writers lose inspiration and motivation or whatever, but she made a public promise to continue her series with a sequel…and hasn’t contacted anyone in years? At the very least, she has an obligation to let her fans know that she is not going to be releasing another book to follow up Betwixt, or let us know how far along in the process Broken is.

  85. Betwixt: a beautiful, dreamy, suprising, melancholy, frightening, magical, and an entirely badass book.
    Betwixt remains my favorite book of all time (yeah, it beats the Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and Twilight), and I consider myself a pretty avid reader.
    So keep it up, Tara, your fans are patiently waiting, and we still love you. 🙂

  86. I agree with Luke. a couple of years ago, she said there would be a sequel coming out. And no one has heard from her yet. She should update us at the least.

  87. *sigh* still no second book? Im dying to know when of if the second book od BETWIXT os gonna come out!…

  88. Still waiting on that sequel! I heard they made a TV movie based on the novel. I always thought this story would end up on the big screen one day. Can’t wait for the next book…

  89. I have been waiting freaking forever for the sequel and I now can conclude that I am better off writing it myself. I can understand why she stopped though. Some people need a break. Sometimes the creativeness stops. Haha oh well. I’ll keep waiting

  90. I absolutely loved this book! Is there going to be a sequel? It seems from the ending and all the interviews I’ve read that there is one planned at least.

  91. I admire Mrs. Smith, for your work, “Betwixt, between two worlds” as it is, at least in Germany(name). I love everything about the book, it is unique, and I hope the second part comes naturally to Germany sometime ❤

  92. Will there be a sequel its been so long 😦

  93. her personal website isn’t even working..I wish this would get made into a movie!!

  94. please tell me you are writing a sequel. I need this story to continue

  95. Is there a sequel coming? This would also make a great TV series – vampire diaries-esqe

  96. TBH. The plot flowed. The concept is different in good way. These characters and their circumstances have the potential of telling a great story. Its just the delivery was a bit rushed. I would have preferred Ms.Smith to have added 100 more pages if it meant Ondine, Nix, Moth, and Morgan( and maybe we’ll add Neve, Viv, and K.A.) the ending they deserved. Its been 10 years since you’ve promised a sequel. I may have happened to stumble upon this book just recently but I can almost feel the 10 years of suspense weighing heavily on my soul( i know…. just a tad bit dramatic) but i still have hope. PLEASE PUBLISH THE SEQUEL TO BETWIXT!!!!!!!!

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