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***STARRED REVIEW review of Betwixt in Publishers Weekly***
October 4, 2007

Smith’s YA debut (following the memoir West of Then) is an intensely atmospheric, angst-ridden paranormal thriller revolving around three Portland, Ore., teenagers. During a surreal, drug-filled summer, the three must come to terms with an incredible revelation: they’re all supernatural entities known as changelings. The futures of artistic Ondine Mason, troubled Alaskan runaway Nix Saint-Michael and beautiful, ambitious Morgan D’Amici become irrevocably intertwined during a secret rave in the woods around Mt. Hood. They think they’ve come to a party, but a terrifying arcane ritual called the Ring of Fire reveals their true natures as well as their critical roles in a looming and potentially deadly other-worldy conflict. Powered by sharp characterizations and an almost dreamlike narrative, this amalgam of fantasy, horror and romance – first in a projected series – will strongly appeal to paranormal fantasy enthusiasts, particularly fans of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight saga, which, coincidentally, also takes place in the wilds of the Northwest. Discerning readers will appreciate Smith’s subtle use of symbolism and imagery throughout.