Hannah, 18

Much to my surprise and delight a few pages into Betwixt I realized that the Portland they were located in was the very one I’ve grown up visiting almost every month! So that automatically perked up my interest. Not only was it in my home state, but I knew exactly where the places in the book were. They even mentioned driving through my hometown where I live now! So I was even more eager to read this book after finding that out.

It was an easy read, something that sucked me in and kept a hold on me until I finished it, but also a very good read. The characters were very well developed and believable. It was even creepy enough in parts to give me the chills. I am always looking for books that can do that, I read plenty of horror and I hardly ever get that effect. Maybe it was due in part to being placed in my own backyard, but I think it was mostly how mystical and yet realistic the writing was.

I hope that there will be a sequel to Betwixt. And a sequel to that one too! I would recommend it to anyone, male or female, teen or older. Definitely not meant for some younger readers, but perfect for my age of 18. I think that Betwixt will make a lot of fans, I myself, am already hooked.


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